IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning Sept. 12, we have resumed in-person worship while simultaneously broadcasting our service via Zoom for those who are immunocompromised and/or taking extra precautions due to Covid-19. Masks are required at in-person worship. Rev. Summers’ reflections will be added to our Facebook page ASAP after services. For more information, contact Rev. Joe Summers: jsummers(at)

When the weather permits and there’s sufficient interest, we’re also offering outdoor Eucharist services on select Sunday evenings. Please contact Rev. Joe Summers to ask about upcoming Eucharist gatherings: jsummers(at)

Visit our Facebook page for our online worship service and activities schedule. Services are broadcast live on Zoom and later added to Facebook.

Everyone is Welcome at God’s Table – And You Are Welcome at Ours

The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation is an open and inclusive community within the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. We’re rooted in the Anglican tradition, nourished by contemplative practice, and committed to service and advocacy.

Our work together as a church is all about connecting lives, transforming faith, and working for justice.

Come as you are. Whoever you are. Wherever you are on your journey. We don’t have a dress code. And we don’t have any expectations or requirements about what you need to believe in order to be welcome here.

Our church community is a diverse one — in age, race, and family structure. We welcome non-traditional families, including single parent, adoptive, multi-racial, and families headed by same-sex couples.

Our individual experience is also diverse. Some of us are comfortably middle-class, while others are struggling financially. Some are cheerfully optimistic, while others have been through the fires of despair and rejection. No matter who we were or where we’ve come from, we’ve found new lives at Incarnation.

We invite you to make Incarnation your church home.

Episcopal Church of the Incarnation,
3257 Lohr Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108.