Whether You’re Able to Join Us For a Day, a Year, or a Decade (or more), You’re Welcome at the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation.

(The following is information about our Worship Services, Youth Ministry, Choir, and smaller study/spiritual experience groups. If you’re interested in joining our Social Justice efforts, please click here.)

Join Us for Worship

Worship at Incarnation gets started at 10:30 every Sunday and lasts until about noon — but feel free to join us as you’re able, even if that means arriving a bit late or leaving a bit early.

During the service you’ll experience many of the same elements that are common in other Episcopal churches, including call-and-response readings, the Book of Common Prayer, and (of course) readings from Scripture.

But Incarnation is also an innovative church, and the language we use is inclusive. Yes, some of the prayers we use are ancient, but others reflect a God who is always drawing us toward new ways of experiencing joy, tenderness, and wonder. Sometimes the creeds we recite are traditional; other times they’re contemporary.

However, the goal is always the same –not to conform to some idea of what you “should” believe, do or feel, but to connect with our deepest selves and participate with the wider family who follow the Way of Jesus.

If this is going to be your first visit to an Episcopal church, or any worship service, don’t worry — whether it’s time to sing, stand (as you’re able), sit, or gather for Communion, we give ample directions so newcomers never have to worry about what’s coming next.

And speaking of Communion, everyone is welcome at God’s table, and you are welcome at ours. Our Communion is also inclusive, with a choice of grape juice, wine, and (frequently) gluten-free bread or crackers so worshippers with food allergies can also partake.

Youth Ministry

Our services always include, affirm, and welcome children! In addition, our “Sunday School” has two groups: one for pre-schoolers and one for children in 1st-6th grade. We also offer periodic gatherings specifically for junior high and high-school age youth throughout the year.


Can’t make it on Sunday mornings? Vicar Joe Summers also leads short (30-40 minute) Compline services on Sunday evenings at 6:15 pm at the Glacier Hills senior community, 1200 Earhart Road in Ann Arbor.

The Incarnation Choir

From traditional Episcopal hymns to modern music and songs from traditions ranging from Gospel to pop, Incarnation’s choir is a vitally important part of every Sunday service. Choir practice is generally held on Wednesday evenings with a quick rehearsal on Sunday mornings. Contact Choir Director Brian Buckner for details.

The Practice of Presence

Led by Allison Hine, the Practice of Presence is a bi-monthly gathering that uses meditation, chanting, and other practices that help us relax and become truly present to ourselves, each other, and Spirit. 7-9:30 pm, alternate Mondays at the Small House. Free event; donations welcome. Contact Allison to learn about the next session and for instructions for getting to the Small House, which is right next to Incarnation.

Episcopal Church of the Incarnation,
3257 Lohr Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108.