Harvest Campaign

Incarnation Vicar’s Salary and Pension Fundraising Campaign

What & Why:
Given the limits of our finances, over the course of his thirty-year career with Incarnation, our Vicar Joe Summers has been willing to work for whatever we could afford to pay him. In recognition of his years of service and sacrifice we are launching a fundraising campaign to raise Joe’s salary such that he can eventually retire with a good pension.

Fundraising Goal:
Between now and the fall of 2018, we hope to raise $165,200 in donations and three-year pledges. Over the course of six years (2017-2022), $140,000 of these funds will be added to Joe’s salary closing the gap between what we have been paying Joe and what the Diocesan guidelines recommend he be paid. There is an 18% assessment on Joe’s salary that goes to the National Church Pension Fund so the remaining $25,200 will be needed to cover these payments. The Diocese is also contributing to our efforts by waiving the 10% tithe we would normally pay on these donations.

Why this Amount?
In much the same way the social security system works, Joe’s pension will be based on averaging his seven highest years of income. Raising these funds will thus both raise Joe’s income substantially through these years and permanently increase his pension dramatically.

When Joe began to work at Incarnation, the Diocesan guidelines called for clergy to be paid the equivalent salary of an experienced teacher or a nurse practitioner in our area.
However, because we were very small and self-supporting (when it came to our general operating expenses) we couldn’t afford to do this. Instead, we paid Joe what we could afford as the congregation grew over time.

As a result, during most of Joe’s first fourteen years at Incarnation he worked for the University of Michigan and then worked thirty or more hours a week for Incarnation, with Incarnation paying him about $15,000 per year.

Realizing we would not be able to complete our building program if he wasn’t devoting all his time to the church, in 2001 Joe left his job at the University. At that time we were able to raise his salary to just over $40,000 a year.

Since 2012, we have been able to pay Joe the Diocesan minimum salary for full time clergy, which is $54,000 a year.

Though we have done all we could do, Joe has been underpaid throughout his career at ECI. Now that we are in a position to do more, we hope to show our gratitude for Joe’s wonderful years of service by raising the difference between his current salary and the $77,000 that veteran teachers and nurses make in our area. If we are successful in our efforts Joe’s pension will be based on having a seven-year average salary of $74,000 and in retirement Joe will be able to enjoy the kind of income we would like to have been able to provide for him all along. See chart below for another picture of the situation and our plan.

How can we raise this amount of money?
We currently receive roughly $110,000 a year in donations. Our hope is that, over the course of the next three years, most people will be willing to consider giving the equivalent of one extra year’s worth of gifts. We realize that this is a lot to ask and that some people may not be able to do this; at the same time, we hope that those who are able to give more will feel moved to do so.

We also hope that some of Incarnation’s members and friends will be willing to give some large donations.  Below is an example of how other non-profits have raised this amount of money.

$25,000 x 2 donations/pledges =    $ 50,000
$10,000 x 4 donations/pledges =    $ 40,000
$ 5,000 x 6 donations/pledges  =    $ 30,000
$ 2,500 x 8 donations/pledges =     $ 20,000
$ 1,000 x 10 donations/pledges=    $ 10,000
$   500 x 10 donations =                      $ 5,000
$   250 x 5 donations  =                       $ 1,250
$ >249 x 25 donations =                      $ 4,000

Total: 70 donations/pledges for      $160,250

During this period our rental income will also be going towards this effort. Up until now, we have used our rental income to help pay our building loans, but just recently we paid off the last of our $250,000 in building loans. (This means that over the last twenty years we raised a total $650,000 for the Building Campaign that was so important to our survival!)

Lastly, on Saturday November 11th, 2017, we will be hosting a gala to celebrate Joe’s thirty-years at Incarnation. Dawn Weirauch will be working to raise sponsorship support for the gala. All of these funds will also be used to help meet our fundraising goal.

What Happens if We Fall Short?
This campaign is not any kind of requirement nor is it essential for our survival. It is a gift we would like to be able to give Joe for his many years of service with us and to the broader community. Whatever we are able to raise we will continue to strive to grow into becoming part of God’s beloved community here on earth.

On behalf of The Bishop’s Committee of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation

Joel Barson, Senior Warden              Amelia Hefferlin, Junior Warden

LINK TO PRINTABLE PDF http://incarnationannarbor.org/harvest/pledge-form/ 

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