March 18, 2020: Report and Update from the Bishop’s and Pastoral Care Committees

In This Update:

  • Report from the Pastoral Care Committee
  • Ways to Tithe When We Don’t Have a Collection Plate
  • Online Community Meeting Tonight at 7 pm via Zoom

Report Michael Steer and the Pastoral Care Committee:

At his point it seems that all our folks are ok. Please contact Michael directly for information on ECI members you are praying for/concerned about at this time.

Ways to Tithe When We Don’t Have a Collection Plate

There are several ways we can continue to financially support our collective life, even in the absence of a collection plate passing between us on Sundays. Many ECI folks already give by check or other means – but if this is new to you, here are ways you can continue to give:

1. Mail a physical check. Our amazing bookkeeper, Tasha Pohrt, will be heading to the office on a fairly regular basis to pick up checks and handle banking. Incarnation’s address is:

3257 Lohr Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108

2. Donate online. You can give via PayPal (you’ll have to sign up for a PayPal account) at this link: Use this email to tell PayPal where to send your donation:

3. Set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank. Contact Tasha for ECI’s banking numbers that you can then provide to your financial institution: NOTE: it isn’t safe to send this information via email, so Tasha will call you when she can by phone.

4. If your financial institution has an online bill payment service, use that.

Note that using PayPal or automatic withdrawals are the safest way to give (in terms of honoring social isolation) because they are most reliant on automatic processes.

As we move into this period of financial as well as social uncertainty, please know that we encourage to see to your own and your families’ needs first while also asking you to consider what is possible for you to give so we can continue to meet our collective obligations – including paying our staff – during this time. Thank you!

Online Community Meeting Tonight at 7 pm via Zoom

This evening, we’re hosting a virtual Community Meeting and check-in using Zoom, a very easy, free online application, tonight at 7 pm.

The Bishop’s Committee has been using Zoom to meet and coordinate our response to the challenges ahead, and all of us – those who practically live online and those who haven’t used internet applications for much beyond checking email and reading the news – have had very easy time adapting. We may not be able to be in the same place, but we will be able to see each others’ faces, hear each others’ voices, and share our concerns and support together.

Contact Dawn Weirauch for tonight’s link:

Finally, please enjoy these pictures of flowers from one of our Pansy Delivery Angels, Amelia Hefferlin!

In God’s Love,

Your Bishop’s Committee


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